Why Collect Brazil?

Classic Dom Pedro stamp with a bug-shaped cancellation.

Picture of Dom Pedro stamp with a mute cancellation that looks like a bug. 

Many of us remember discovering Brazil — a country of exotic animals and fascinating history — through the National Geographic magazine. Brazil has a philatelic history that reflects this sense of adventure and mystery, beginning with the fabled Bull’s Eyes in 1843, the first stamps issued in the Western Hemisphere. Brazil was the second country in the world to issue postage stamps, three years after Great Britain and four years before the United States.  Brazil has a philatelic past as rich as any nation and with ample room for specialists of all inclinations. Hand-crafted cancels of great beauty, complex postal history linking Europe with the Americas, a wealth of collectable varieties and errors, an array of pioneer and semi-official airmails, and a carnival of beautiful topical stamps — the country has it all!

About the Brazil Philatelic Association
The Brazil Philatelic Association explores all aspects of Brazilian philately and has published more than 160 issues of its quarterly journal, Bull’s Eyes, since becoming an active APS affiliate in 1970. Member services include translation assistance, discounts on purchase of specialized catalogues from Brazil, back copies of BE issues at a nominal fee, expertise and exhibit help, and outreach programs. BPA members have the privilege of placing free “advertisements” in each issue of the journal — either to offer material for sale/trade, to post a want list, to seek information from the collective knowledge of the membership, or to establish contact with fellow members interested in a particular collecting topic.

Dues are $20/year ($35/2 years; $50/3 years) for residents of the United States, and for residents of other countries $26/year ($50/2 years; $75/ 3 years).

The BPA also has a strong affiliation with a youth organization in the Midwest. BPA members have an opportunity to serve as pen pals and advisors to young collectors, and some of these junior “Brasileiros” have successfully exhibited at regional shows.

During the past fifteen years, the BPA has met as a group at stamp shows in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Norfolk, Birmingham, Orlando, New York, and Copenhagen.

In the true spirit of Carnival, the BPA runs on the premise that philately is what we make of it, not what we pay for it.

BPA Officers

President: John Hawkins
Vice President for Brazil: Klerman Wanderly Lopes
Secretary-Treasurer & Journal Editor: William Kriebel
Webmaster: Don Jacobson
Adviser: James Jefferson
Adviser: Stephen Rose

Contact Information

For more information you may contact us by email or write a letter to:

William V. Kriebel
1923 Manning Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-5728