One of the great strengths of the Brazil Philatelic Association is the willingness of its members to share their knowledge of Brazilian philately.  All members are welcome to contribute to our flagship publication, the quarterly journal Bull's Eyes.  Some of our members have also published books about Brazilian philately, some of which were published by BPA.

Quarterly Journal: Bull's Eyes

Image of the cover of an issue of the "Bull's Eyes" quarterly journalThe Brazil Philatelic Association has published more than 150 issues of its quarterly journal, Bull’s Eyes, since becoming an active APS affiliate in 1970. All members are invited to submit articles for the Bull's Eyes to share their expertise.  BPA members also have the privilege of placing free “advertisements” in each issue of the journal — either to offer material for sale/trade, to post a want list, to seek information from the collective knowledge of the membership, or to establish contact with fellow members interested in a particular collecting topic. 

Read sample articles from the Bull's Eyes journal.

Image of the cover of the book, "The Mute Cancellations of the Brazil Empire"Mute Cancellations of the Brazil Empire
Carimbos Mudos do Brasil Império
By James Alfred Dingler & Klerman Wanderley Lopes

From 1865 until the late 1870s, Brazilian stamps were canceled with "mute" cancellation stamps, the design of which were at the discretion of each local postmaster.  Thousands of different designs were used, many of them quite beautiful.  This book expands on the 1937 reference by Paulo Ayres, Catalogo de Carimbos, to provide illustrations of 4,767 different mute cancellations.  In English and Portuguese.

Publisher: The Brazil Philatelic Association (2000), 208 pages.

The cost of the book is US$40.  Shipping in the United States is an additional $5.00.  To get shipping costs to other countries, please contact us.  To order please send a check made out to "Brazil Philatelic Association" to William Kriebel, 1923 Manning Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103-5728.

Image of the cover of the book "Correio Aero - A History of the Development of the Air Mail Service in BrazilCorreo Aereo - A History of the Development of Air Mail Service in Brazil
by William Victor Kriebel

This generously illustrated monograph traces the airlines and early airmail services into and out of Brazil. Featured are chapters on airlines like Varig, Condor, NYRBA, Aéropostale, LATI, and Pan Am. Included are many reproductions of airmail stamps and covers, as well as historical tables, maps, labels, and other Brazilian airmail material. 205 pages, softbound.  Published by the American Airmail Society (AAMS) in 1997.

Ordering Information: You can download an AAMS order form here.  The cost is $15.00, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.